Chapter Officers

Jazmin Camilo


Born: Miami, Florida Year: Senior Goals: "My goal is help get our chapter recognized locally in our community and nationally. I want Kappa Omicron to be the number one chapter for contributing the most amount of money to the alzheimer association.​"

Jazmine Vera

Executive Vice President

Born: Miami, Florida Year: Junior Goals: "My goal is to help all my sisters in Kappa Omicron reach their full potential by reminding them to believe in their ability to turn their dreams into a reality. I hope that I am able to spread love, harmony, and support to my chapter throughout my collegiate years and on."

Chantelle Mnayarji

Vice President of Programming

Born: Orlando, Florida Year: Sophomore Goals: “My goal in Sigma Kappa is to show both my new sisters and our community the beautiful bond we share as sisters in Sigma Kappa Sorority. I plan on changing the way Greek life is perceived by making our charitable contributions and philanthropic zeal more public. I also strive to strengthen our sisterhood beyond limits by planning and executing exciting events for both my chapter and the university.”

Madimay Alfonso

Vice President of Membership

Born: Miami, Florida Year: Senior Goals: “My goal in this chapter is to help it become the best it could be by educating and guiding the chapter in recruitment techniques, procedures, and plan membership growth.”

Marlene Hernandez

Vice President of New Member Education

Born: Panama City, Panama Year: Sophomore Goals: “My goal in Sigma Kappa is to welcome our new members and teach them through the new member process about our values and what we stand for. More importantly, I want to prepare them for their life in college and for the future. I want to push each incoming member to challenge herself, in order for them to grow within and outside the chapter.”

Kyndall Jaffe

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

Born: Coral Springs, Florida Year: Junior Goals: "As VPPS, I want to show the girls the importance of philanthropy and the difference that it can make in a community. One Heart, One Way—when I think about what this means I think about a sisterhood thirsting for the opportunity to give back, a sisterhood unyieldingly true to its core values, and a sisterhood always striving to reach new heights."

Daniela Murillo

Vice President of Finance

Born: San Jose, Costa Rica Year: Sophomore Goals: “As VPF I want the chapter to have a good financial standing. More importantly, I want each individual member to understand their personal financial responsibilities with the chapter and keep them individually in a good financial standing as well.”

Pamela Roman

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

Born: North Bergen, New Jersey Year: Senior Goals: "As VPAR I am dedicating myself to teach the active sisters of this chapter the true meaning of Order and how special it is to be an alumna sister of Sigma Kappa . Most importantly, I want to build the strongest relationship we've ever had with our alumnae and be able to demonstrate to our newer sisters that this sisterhood is truly not four years, but for life."

Vitoria Gomes

Vice President of Communications

Born: Sao Paulo, Brazil Year: Sophomore Goals: "My goal in Sigma Kappa is to make sure that our members understand how important attendance is and wish to participate in all of our events. I want Sigma Kappa to be recognized as the amazing sorority it is and for that we need the involvement of all of our sisters."

Daniela Garcia

Panhellenic Dellegate

Born: Miami, Florida Year: Junior Goals: “As Panhellenic Delegate this term, I hope to create unity between Sigma Kappa and the other organizations on campus. I would constantly encourage our members to be present in the Greek community and by stressing the importance of attendance and support for the other sororities on campus. I hope I can set an example of behavior and make a difference in the way Sigma Kappa is perceived at FIU. I hope my Influence as PC delegate this term sets a trend that last the chapters lifetime.”

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