Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Jazmine Vera


"As chapter president of Sigma Kappa, it is my top priority to make sure all my sisters reach their full membership development, while creating unforgettable memories during their collegiate years and on. My goal is for all my sisters to see Kappa Omicron as their support system and a place to call home."

Daniela Murillo

Executive Vice President

"My goals for this year is to make everyone feel truly at home and in love with Sigma Kappa. I believe that by holding everyone accountable to the same standards we can strengthen our mystic bond."

Erika Parodi

Vice President of Finance

"Hi my name is Erika Parodi! As VPF I want the chapter to be in excellent financial standing. More importantly, I want each individual member to understand their personal financial responsibilities with the chapter.”

Vitoria Gomes

Vice President of Membership

“As Vice President of Membership I want to continue our chapter’s legacy and help showcase our values and amazing sisters during recruitment to potential new members."

Amanda Alfaro

Vice President of New Member Education

“Hello! I am the Vice President of New Member Education for the Kappa Omicron chapter. My goal during my term is to teach the new members what Sigma Kappa truly stands for, mold them into well-rounded women, & introduce them to the opportunities that Sigma Kappa has given me."

Ana Cerzosimo

Vice President of Communications

"My goal in Sigma Kappa is to make sure that our sisters understand how important attendance is and to have them participate in all of our events. I want Sigma Kappa to be recognized as the amazing sorority it is and for that we need the involvement of all of our sisters."

Shelsy Fernandez

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

"Hi my name is Shelsy! As VPPS, I hope to make a big impact on all of our philanthropies during my term, especially for the Alzheimer’s Association. I also hope to spread my passion and enthusiasm for philanthropy to all of my sisters."

Samanta Fernandez

Vice President of Scholarship

"My goal as Vice President of Scholarship is to help each and every one of my sisters succeed academically for the rest of their collegiate years. I believe hosting in chapter workshops, creating study sessions and implementing scholarship programs is a great way of helping our chapter uplift and exceed our academic goals. College can be stressful sometimes but with the help of each other we can get through anything!"

Mandy Chavez

Vice President of Programming

“Hello! My name is Mandy Chavez and I am the Vice President of Programming for the Kappa Omicron chapter of Sigma Kappa. My goal for the duration of my term is to increase chapter morale through engaging, yet informative chapter programs. This develops our chapter members to become well-rounded individuals while increasing their love for Sigma Kappa! LISK!"

Irene Parra

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

"Hi my name is Irene I am Kappa Omicrons VPAR. My goal is to hold everybody accountable inside Kappa Omicron and make everyone feel the same way I feel about Sigma Kappa: my home away from home."