Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Cristina Acevedo


"I love Sigma Kappa because it is my home away from home. My goals as President is to lead the chapter to reach our highest potential. I want to emphasize our four values: friendship, service, loyalty and personal growth, and how important they are in our everyday lives. Overall, I want to inspire others to become a part of something bigger than themselves within the chapter, and throughout their life in college."

  • Grade: Junior
  • Major: Communications and Public Relations

Sophia Viteri

Vice President of Standards and Values

"I love Sigma Kappa because it has embodied all the values I live by and has brought me some of my soulmates. This year I want to fulfill all my responsibilities that I have to the chapter to my fullest potential and upgrade our chapter."

  • Grade: Senior
  • Major: Psychology Major towards Pre-Nursing

Jennifer Sanchez

Vice President of Programming

"One of the reasons I love Sigma Kappa is for the friendships and bonds that I have created with sisters. My goal for my term is to create life-long memories and new-found friendships within our members by having meaningful programs that are interesting and informative. I want to help our members grow individually and to love Sigma Kappa as much as I do."

  • Grade: Junior
  • Major: Business Management

Andrea Quinones

Vice President of Membership

"Sigma Kappa has not only given me life-long friends that I will cherish for the rest of my life, but has also taught me to be the person I have turned into. As the Vice President of Membership, I want to have the most amazing recruitment season Kappa Omicron has ever seen, and bring home an amazing New Member Class."

  • Grade: Junior
  • Major: Biochemistry with a Minor in Psychology

Marianne Ostos

Vice President of New Member Education

"I love Sigma Kappa because it gave me a place where I can truly be myself, and be challenged to grow to be the woman I strive to be. I constantly feel so loved, encouraged and supported every day by my sisters; that feeling is irreplaceable. I plan to keep striving for greatness through my position by starting new traditions to increase morale, maintain sisterhood and overall growth as a chapter. I want to show the new members how amazing it is to be a Sigma Kappa, instilling pride, admiration and greatness in every new member I educate."

  • Grade: Sophomore
  • Major: Hospitality Event Management

Isabella Palmese

Vice President of Academic Excellence

"Sigma Kappa has given me the ability to grow in ways I didn't know I could. The values we hold have intuitively become a part of who I am. During my term, I plan to motivate sisters academically and professionally. I hope to provide them with the resources to help them succeed, as well as recognizing sisters throughout the year that exceed expectations."

  • Grade: Junior
  • Major: International Business

Oriana Altuve

Vice President of Communication and Operations

"I love Sigma Kappa. I met some of the most genuine and loving girls ever, and I plan on increasing attendance while making events more enjoyable for the chapter and holding sisters accountable when they need to be. My hope is to help us all continue to grow and support each other at all times."

  • Grade: Junior
  • Major: Crime Science

Nicole Nardo

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

"Sigma Kappa has become a second home for me, and a place where I have found life-long friends and the space to grow as a person. With my position, I plan to make our values shine by helping Sigma Kappa be the best it can be, all while doing something I love, philanthropy."

  • Grade: Sophomore
  • Major: Psychology

Madeleine Molinares

Vice President of Finance

"Sigma Kappa has become my family and my second home with sisters that always encourage me to be the best, and push me to do amazing things. As Vice President of Finance, I plan on helping each position financially so that we can plan a great year for everyone."

  • Grade: Sophomore
  • Major: Business Management

Daniela Gonzalez

Panhellenic Delegate

"Sigma Kappa has introduced me to some of the greatest people I have ever encountered. The organization itself welcomed me with open arms and I couldn't be more grateful. I plan on being an advocate for Greek life and emphasizing the fact that sororities are strong leaders in the college community. I will work towards uniting and enforcing an effective relationship between all fraternity men and sorority women."

  • Grade: Senior
  • Major: International Business and Business Analytics

Nichole Suarez

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

"My goal is to hold everybody accountable inside Kappa Omicron and make everyone feel the same way I feel about Sigma Kappa, my home away from home."

  • Grade: Junior
  • Major: Psychology